Privacy Policy

I value my privacy and I’m sure you value yours.

To protect your privacy, this site:

  1. Will use SSL whenever possible.
  2. Will not embed ads from a third-party ad network. Any ads on this site will be either static text or a static image, approved by me personally, and will clearly be labelled as ads or sponsored content.

Individual posts may occasionally embed content from other sites. Any embedded content (such as videos) may be subject to a privacy policy and/or terms of service from another site, and may contain ads.

I will also not sell any individually identifiable information to a third party.

That said, this site is currently hosted by Netlify, a static site hosting page. In theory, they could inject any content they wanted, although this is very unlikely and if it ever becomes an issue this site will switch providers.

If you see anything inconsistent with this privacy policy, contact me via one of the methods on the About page immediately and I will do my best to correct it.